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Sum of Talented Parts

"Kathie is one of the best entertainers in the region and her band is chalked full of talent.  They never disappoint!"    

Grant Smith--banking convention planner


"This is a great band!  Kathie's sultry voice, playful personality with the crowd and knack for knowing what people want to hear along with all the talent and personality from all the band members, make them a great fit for all of our events. A little bit of something for everyone."  


Biff (Kent) Karch is a MUST SEE on the upright bass!  Biff has played/sang in various rock, country and jazz bands around the region for 50 years.


Shawn Brekke has the warmest tone on a trumpet you've ever heard!  Probably from 30 years experience performing in funk and jazz bands!


Matt Seidel can rock out or add just the right groove on his guitar.  He's been a member of a variety bands over the years which you can hear in his great solo's!


Joe Riewer got his training in the Air Force band and knows how to lay it down and get a good groove! 


Harley Sommerfeld is hands down the best Dixieland Clarinetist around!                


Russ Peterson's energy and style can't be matched on the sax!

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