42nd Street Jazz Band

  • The 42nd Street Jazz Band is a highly energetic and entertaining musical group that performs background music for parties and gala’s; concerts tributing big band, dixieland, jazz music around the region’s community theaters as well as numerous weddings and dances. This a very versatile band! It’s primary set includes swing, 50’s, ballads, country and a bit of classic rock. Great for a diverse audience. 

    Band members include:

    Kathie Brekke (vocals, keyboard) Kent Karch (Bass, Vocals) Joe Riewer (Drums) Shawn Brekke (Trumpet) Harley Sommerfeld (Sax, Clarinet, Flute) Other members who play with the band occasionally are Dr. Mike Krajewski, Guitar; Russ Peterson, Sax.

    We understand your musical entertainment needs and can provide your event with:

    • A duo, trio or full band depending on your needs, budget and space.
    • Quiet dinner music with warm ballads and familiar swing tunes
    • Classic wedding band sets with romantic jazz, fabulous 50’s, classic rock.
    • A fun Mardi Gras Dixieland band to liven up the room and do some light entertaining
    • An interesting mix of Latin and standard jazz tunes
    • Music from the swing era that will be appealing to that hard to please diverse audience
    • Each member of 42nd Street has performed in various styles of bands throughout the region with a combination of 40 years of musical entertainment experience.